A love story

This is just a quick little article about falling in love with your customers, and bringing your team along with you

July 10, 2023


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Visual design

How we communicate internally has a direct impact on how we communicate externally. This is just one example of how to get everyone aligned.

This is a special article. To be honest I wasn't sure if this was an article or a project, but since it was an unsanctioned project and the impact is more of an article related topic. I went with article.

When I started at Jeeves it was clear that we were in build and fix mode. Well more like fix mode. What was missing was the heart, the reason why, the point of it all. I was new to the team, and wanted to create a sense of camaraderie. I wanted us as a company to have a banner we could rally around.

So I took a Saturday, and put together this little video that I had hoped would inspire the entire organization.

Why did I do it? I guess I just wanted everyone to see the potential that I saw. I wanted everyone to be able to close their eyes and see our customers. I wanted my product team to stop thinking of MVP features and start thinking about who we were building for.

I can't say if it was successful, at least not in the way I hoped it would have been, but it gave me hope. Hope that we could be better and that we were making a difference. And for me, that was enough.